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My PGP key is BA35 9D78 2002 64B3 6331 4AF5 E383 9138 A11F FD2A.

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Thomas Preissler

My name is Thomas Preißler [praɪslɐ] and I was born in Germany some years back. I worked in Germany as a sysadmin then relocated to UK. I have run all sorts of standard services on a number of different Linux distributions.

I don't shy away from a challenge, because I want to learn something new and widen my horizon. This blog is an attempt of documenting my own development, understanding and experiences with various bleeding-edge technologies, e.g. IPv6 or DNSSEC. The underlaying server is also my playground for trying out new technology, new security paradigms and standards.

Please share with me your experiences or ask questions on a number of topics.

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About This Site

This website is managed by Jekyll and kept in a local Git respository. And the site is hosted on a Memset running Debian.

To ensure integrity and protect the privacy of my visitors, this website is served only over securely-configured HTTPS. HSTS is used to ensure that HTTPS is preferred over HTTP, HPKP is enabled with the "preload" flag, to mitigate against MitM certificate changes.