20 January 2011

I am now for exactly 13 days IPv6 ready. Ok, there are not many websites out what you can use on IPv6. The biggest one probably I know is a german IT news portal www.heise.de.

No problems so far. As I wrote in my initial blog "on day 2" I am using the 6to4 tunnel from Hurricane Electric's tunnelbroker.net. I wrote the latency is a bit high, but thats not true. I just did some tests and it is ok, obviously not so good as goo' ol' native IPv4, but it is fine.

This blog www.preissler.co.uk is also accessible via IPv6. And actually, I just realized writing this article is done over an IPv6 connection!

Dont forget to mark this in your calender: 8th June 2011 is World IPv6 Day.

I would like to finish with this advice to all IT people out there: Get up to speed with IPv6 now, as when you need it, you need to implement it quickly and in a rush. And all of you know how it works out when you have to implement something in a rush. Do not underestimate it, it is not just the successor of  IPv4. A considerable amount of things will change... MAC addresses as you know them now in IPv4 will be going away and so forth and so on.

I am certain IPv6 wont be coming slowly. At first yes, but then it will just explode.

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