01 December 2010

I wanted to attend the talk from Johannes Ullrich at SANS 2010 here in London, but due to "Jubilee line woeness" (is that even a word?) I missed the original talk. Long story short, I spent some time with him and he was kind enough to have a chat about IPv6. It was very interesting, as he pointed things out, what you need to be aware when you are actually implementing it.

The slides are available here (Updated 7th March 2015: Sans Training Archive no longer exists.)

He is also doing the SANS Internet Storm Center StormCast podcast, this is how I got to know him. This podcast is about current information security threats and trends. I can strong recommend this podcast, as it gives you a good headstart into your day working in IT - for me while I am eating breakfast.

To finish up with his words in regards to IPv6: "You need to get to know it now, as when you need it at some point, you will need to implement it in a rush."

I will take away the following actions for myself:

  • Implement IPv6 in my homenetwork for wired and wireless connections.
  • Enjoy accessing Kame via IPv6.

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