11 November 2010


IPv6 Certification

So I finally finished my HE IPv6 certification. Hoorray. 1500 points out of 1500. It was definitively beneficial. The were a few major parts:

  • A supa l33t IPv6 T-Shirt.
  • Setup of a IPv6 capable webserver.
  • Setup of a IPv6 capable mailserver.
  • Setup of a IPv6 capable nameserver inclusive Glue-records in IPv6.
  • Submitting 100 traceroute, forward-digs, reverse-digs, pings and whois of IPv6 addresses. This was the most exciting part.

Anyway. I got there where I wanted to be. The whole thing lifted quite a lots "the magic" what IPv6 has.

On the other side, it makes you more aware how huge the address space is.

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