A Raspberry Pi behind a 22" TV

I had an old 22" monitor standing around, where the integrated CD/DVD player was broken - but lucky me it still had a HDMI input, so... *g

So I stuck the Pi with doublesided super strong mounting tape at the back of it, put some more "sticky points" to hold the wireing in place and that there is no strain on the cables and the Pi - and here you go.

I orginally had it mounted so that the power leads and the SD card are easily accessible from the top,but then realized it would be better when they are on the right side (so that all the cables come out on the left, right and buttom). That super strong mounting tape actually removed some of the original TV's labels...

Right now I labelled my SD cards, as I am trying different things right now. These are

  1. XBMC viewing station with OpenElec
  2. Plain Raspbian for testing software on a plain Linux installation, like Minecraft.

It is great and I am enjoying it - my son as well, as he likes Minecraft and really would like to have this hooked up to his TV... but not yet, not gonna give my toy out of my hands yet.

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